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Online Bred Ewe Sale on October 29


For the past 20 years Slack Club Lambs sold bred ewes and lambs in the Sales during the NAILE in Louisville, KY. This year we decided to take a break from that routine. We will instead offer those bred ewes in an online sale for the first time this year. Here is an outstanding set of Keeper brood ewes bred to proven and exciting young rams.

The ewes are equal or better than the ewes that we have previously consigned– especially the Dorsets. Study them carefully, they are pretty special.

The ewes have been vaccinated for Chlamydia and Vibrio and have been checked over– showing no signs of rebreeding. They are fresh sheared for easy inspection and foot rot free! They are healthy and ready to improve your flock.

We can deliver to Louisville during the NAILE on Friday or Saturday, but the trailer will be leaving on Saturday night.

We are proud to announce that this year at the Indiana State Fair we raised the Champion and Reserve Champion Dorset Market Lambs in the 4-H Show, Champion and Reserve Champion Dorset Ewes in the 4-H Show , as well as Champion and Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewes in the 4-H Show. We also had Champion Commercial Ewe in the Open Show at Indiana and Reserve Champion Hamp Ewe in the Open Show. Many of these ewes in the sale are bred the same way.

Congratulations to all of those who purchased winning sheep from us in our spring sale. Visit our web site ( www.slackclublambs) for photos and a list of winners through October. Our annual Club Lamb Sale will be April 4, 2020. Visit the 42nd Formula for Champion in Columbia City Indiana. Last year we had the biggest crowd ever in the 40 years history of our sale and the best sale selling 150 ewes and wethers in all price ranges. Here’s your chance to purchase the same genetic base. Contact us with any questions.

Sincerely, Tom & Val Slack


Online Sales on Monday June 20


Welcome to our 1st Online Formula for Champions Sale, June 20 at www.wlivestock.com.

In response to requests from people who normally purchase Slack Sheep in Sedalia at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale, we have decided to offer these ewes in an online sale.

Our plan was to have this sale earlier in the year, but we just finally got all of the photos and information together. The photos were taken several weeks ago, so the sheep have grown, developed and thickened up considerably. If you like the pictures, you will like the sheep even better in person.

Tom will probably be baling during the week of Sedalia. With all the rain, there hasn't been a good window to even get first cutting. We bale over 100 acres, so we are hoping in the next two weeks the weather will cooperate.

There is a lot of buzz about the dwarf gene these days. In an effort to be proactive Tom has tested all of the lambs out of Sicario. Those lambs are the only ones that have been tested for the dwarf gene. Sicario is the only ram we have used that is a known carrier. We have tested 20 of our straight Slack rams used over the past few years. All of them tested FF, so we are assuming the Slack flock is predominately clean.
That's great news for our buyers over the past several years. The chances are good that most all of those sheep we have sold are non-carriers.

In the past six years, we have hauled 410 head of sheep to sell at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. As far as we know they should be non-carriers. We have not tested all of our sheep, but we are making an effort to, at minimum, test the rams we use. We would encourage anyone concerned about the dwarf gene, to test, no matter where you purchase. Getting the test done is the only sure way to know what your genetics are doing.

We are pretty excited about our online sale offering. We hope that you enjoy seeing this sample of what we have available. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us. We have rams and ewes of all ages available. The aged ewes are sorted and ready to go to work in a new flock. Thanks for your interest in our genetics.

Tom & Val Slack and Family 


Visit the online sale site for more information

Lot 1 Slack 9143
Hamp sired by Sicario

Lot 2 Slack 9286
Cross sired by Sicario

Lot 3 Slack 9339
Cross sired by Middlesworth 5028

Lot 4 Slack 9349
Hamp sired by Bottoms Up

Lot 5 Slack 9359
WFX sired by Fireworks

Lot 6 Slack 9390
Dorset sired by Flashcard

Lot 7 Slack 9391
Cross sired by Fireside

Lot 8 Slack 9425
WFX sired by Fireworks

Lot 9 Slack 9481
Cross sired by Trail Boss

Lot 10 Slack 9484
Natural Color sired by Sicario

Lot 11 Slack 9145
Cross sired by Ringside


Lot 12 Slack 8665
Suffolk sired by The Barber

Lot 13 Slack 8121
Suffolk sired by The Barber

Lot 14 Slack 8168
Cross sired by Takedown

Lot 15 Slack 8219
Hamp sired by Ringside

Lot 16 Slack 8339
Hamp sired by Ringside

Lot 17 Slack 8457
Cross sired by The Barber

Lot 18 Slack 8519
Shrop sired by Slack 6614

Lot 19 Slack 8600
Hamp sired by Fireside

Lot 20 Slack 8613
WFX sired by Fireworks

Lot 21 Slack 8627
Hamp sired by Bottoms Up

Lot 22 Slack 8640

Cross sired by Backlash

Lot 23 Slack 8660

Hamp sired by Slack 6393